A Limited Group of Developers Control the Majority of New Industrial Development in New Jersey

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  • cow_new-jersey_oct_24_2016Northern and Central New Jersey’s new industrial development has become concentrated among a small group of institutional developers. 67.4 percent of all new development this cycle was controlled by the 10 largest developers in the market. Furthermore, an additional 13.6 percent of new construction was controlled by the next 10 largest developers.
  • Prologis, Bridge Development Partners, and Clarion Partners rank as the top three developers this cycle controlling a combined 33.2 percent of new industrial construction.
  • Thanks to a series of large scale acquisitions in 2014 and 2015, Prologis now controls all of the industrial product developed by KTR and the Morris Companies, and as a result controls an effective 27.0 percent of new development, further concentrating Class A industrial product.
  • Bridge development has become the newest institutional investor to enter the market and has quickly amassed a considerable development pipeline which they are midway through developing.

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