Three Ways to Improve Your Workplace in 2017

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In the New Year, companies will continue to look to their physical office space as a strategic way to attract and retain top talent. JLL compiled a list of seven things to consider when enhancing your workplace and your employees’ experiences in 2017.

Below are three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep pushing flexibility

Flexible space has proven to be more productive and cost-effective, but employees still aren’t taking advantage because they still aren’t sure how to use it. This is where training becomes important. As employees better understand how to utilize settings that support their work as well as the people they are with, they will become more empowered to decide which space best suits their needs.

2. Celebrate Coworking

Articles have been written about the popularity of coworking, but large companies that are taking advantage of it should share its benefits. Hearing first hand accounts of how these sites impact talent will help to raise awareness about how other companies can take advantage of coworking.

3. Banish the “m” word

There has been so much research and focus on millennials. While this group has a significant impact on driving workplace change, the focus should shift to looking at each employee as an individual. Moving forward, lifestyle will be as important as lifecycle in understanding an employee’s desires and responsibilities regarding the workplace.

Read the full list of tips to consider when planning your 2017 workplace initiatives.

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