JLL’s Top 10 Global Commercial Real Estate Trends For 2017

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JLL has identified 10 global trends impacting CRE this year. As owners and investors determine how to adjust their business strategies to enhance innovation and growth for greater returns and stability, the following macro issues should be considered.

  1. Volatility: volatile operating environments will challenge corporations.
  2. Agility: this capability will drive performance.
  3. Optimization: location and portfolio strategies will be under intense scrutiny.
  4. Smart growth: selective M&A and collaborative growth will define CRE priorities.
  5. Open innovation: CRE will need to support open innovation and collaboration.
  6. Human experience: a place of work is more than just a property. It’s an environment that can help individuals and businesses achieve their business ambitions.
  7. Human cloud: the human cloud and contingent workers will shift demand for CRE.
  8. Intelligent automation: automated business processes redefine roles and business processes.
  9. Algorithmic business: digital business revolution will impact real estate.
  10. Better tomorrow: corporate philanthropy will increase in importance.

Download JLL’s white paper on key global CRE trends.

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