Six Steps to Prepare Your Workplace for the Future

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Here are six steps to prepare your business and your workplace for the future:

  1. Align your office with business goals: As technology and operations continue to drive change, there is more pressure to innovate than ever before. Just as technology changes the way we do business, it also impacts where work happens. The role, function and design of the workplace needs to support your business strategy.
  2. Choose your innovation model: In the digital economy, you need to develop new products, services and business models regularly. Innovation should be accommodated in your physical space so that employees and even external partners can easily generate new ideas. Decide which model—accelerator, innovation space or coworking—is the best fit for your business.
    1. Accelerator: Provide space for startups and high-growth companies to scale, become profitable and make industry connections.
    2. Innovation space: Product development is much faster in innovation spaces, which is why many mature companies have built dedicated space in-house for their teams to innovate.
    3. Coworking: Corporate co-working brands allow independent innovators to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs under the umbrella of an industry titan.
  3. Define a workplace technology strategy: Map our exactly how your business can benefit from using smart workplace technologies in the future, along with a plan to get you there.
  4. Adopt talent-driven workplace strategies: The war for talent will only grow more intense in the years ahead. User experience will take center stage in workplace design in order to meet the expectations of the next generation and boost productivity of those already in the office.
  5. Identify tomorrow’s innovation hotspots: Review your location and workplaces against talent strategy, and leverage labor analytics to understand where your target talent lives and commutes.
  6. Integrate contingent and autonomous workers into space requirements: More process-driven tasks will be taken over by specialists and autonomous workers, which means you should design your space to allow more creative and collaborative work to happen.

While change is accelerating faster for some industries than others, everyone’s real estate and workplace strategy must shift.  That’s one of the best ways to minimize spend, attract talent, optimize performance, engage your people and ultimately compete in 2030 and beyond.

This article was published with JLL’s Office Renew.

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