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How retailers leverage ship-from-store programs

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JLL Industrial once again explores ship-from-store fulfillment and how it has evolved in the past three years. This solution allows retailers to leverage stock from their brick-and-mortar locations and answer e-commerce challenges with more flexibility.

Consumer and retailer advantages

Retail locations are typically closer than distribution centers are to masses of consumers. Shipping to consumers’ homes from local stores could… Read More

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JLL 2016 Tech Outlook

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The technology sector is still the leading industry for real estate expansion and employment growth. JLL’s 2016 Tech Outlook features everything you need to know about tech today in the United States.

Top Five National Trends to Watch

  1. Technology remains the leading industry for real estate expansion in the United States and has quickly become a key economic driver in many cities.
  2. National tech employment may be slowing, but it’s still driving employment growth in the United
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Class A Rental Rates Increase in New Jersey’s Transit Hubs

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COW_New Jersey_Apr_4_2016

  • New Jersey’s transit hub markets are characterized as areas housing a significant number of office properties in proximity to a commuter rail station. The five largest markets by rentable inventory include Hoboken/Jersey City, Newark, Princeton, Metropark and Morristown.
  • A lack of new construction combined with a growing appetite for Class A space within these
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Part II-Behind the Scenes: JLL’s Property Management [INTERVIEW]

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Part two of our two part interview blog series featuring Linda Aronson, JLL’s Managing Directior, Tri-State Property Management. 

Missed part one or need a refresher? Read it here. 

  1. How do you ensure you have the right people on your team to bridge the gap between ownership and tenants?

Our team members are continuously meeting individuals in the market who are interested in joining JLL. From these meetings we create a bench of prospective talent who have been vetted… Read More